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Committed to Provide a Delightful Experience & the Result You Want

Glam Clinic Med Spa is offering top aesthetic treatments in Denver, such as botox, dermal fillers, sculptural face lifting, facials, and peels. Our mission is to provide exceptional treatments and care, using the most innovative products and top-notch equipment.


Our approach to enhancing natural beauty and turning the clock back incorporates both science and art. The magic touch of our medical aesthetician – Natalia, along with her extensive clinical experience as a nursing professional, will deliver the best result and experience for every patient. 


We are committed to offering educated cosmetic advice and comprehensive consultations. We constantly improve our expertise by attending the medical aesthetic industry events, seminars and master classes all over the US. We always get our knowledge from scientific journals and top experts in the beauty industry.


Passion for Medicine, Science and Beauty

My name is Natalia, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and 8 years of clinical experience including acute medical-surgical floor, hospice, and nephrology. The SPA is supervised by Dr. Gregory Buford, MD, FACS, state certified plastic surgeon. 


As a nursing professional, I’ve come to understand my true passion for skin and being an injection specialist. Transitioning from an acute hospital world to a medical SPA practice made perfect sense for me to further my career and focus on being an aesthetic nurse.


My clinical experience not only refined me but enhanced my ability to conduct comprehensive consultations to give you a feeling of comfort and to gain an understanding of your unique aesthetic needs.


I’m most honored when you choose me to look after your face and I will take all my time to make sure you are satisfied with your skincare goals.

Stop by for a free consultation with me!

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